Multiverse Computing Partners with Mila on Artificial Intelligence with Quantum Computing

Mila is the kind of organization that brings strong credentials to Canada’s leadership in AI and as a hub for talent related to next generation technologies. Mila is a non-profit AI-research organization with over 1000 researchers specializing in AI and Machine Learning. Founded by Professor Yoshua Bengio, Mila has lineage in Université de Montréal and […]

Rolls-Royce Partners with Classiq on Quantum Algorithm Design

Rolls-Royce is partnering with Classiq to drive advancements in Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) using Classiq’s quantum algorithms. Not surprisingly, this long-term partnership effort will follow a hybrid model, combining quantum and classical computing techniques.  CFD is “key to improving advanced equipment design.”  One specific area of focus would the quantum HHL algorithm, which is optimal […]

Automotive Use-Case Leveraging Quantum Computing – Volkswagen and Xanadu Partnership

Volkswagen and Xanadu are partnering to use quantum computing expertise to simulate battery material and develop next-generation solutions that are safer and more cost-effective. Volkswagen’s investment in Quantum Computing technology partnership to drive battery advantages not only underscores the competitive automotive landscape, but also the computational promise inherent in quantum technology to derive exponential returns. […]

First Commercial Quantum Computer in a Colocation Data Center

Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC), UK-based quantum computing company, and Cyxtera (NASDAQ: CYXT), a data center colocation and interconnection services with 60 locations globally (including Silicon-Valley), announced that their UK Data Center customers will soon have direct access to OQC’s quantum computers reducing latency times for quantum algorithms and use cases. “For quantum computing to be genuinely accessible and fully […]