Rolls-Royce is partnering with Classiq to drive advancements in Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) using Classiq’s quantum algorithms. Not surprisingly, this long-term partnership effort will follow a hybrid model, combining quantum and classical computing techniques. 

CFD is “key to improving advanced equipment design.”  One specific area of focus would the quantum HHL algorithm, which is optimal to solving a linear set of equations.  A big benefit of HHL is that it can be used in a hybrid classical/quantum computer implementation.  Realistically, hybrid approach will continue to be the model for the future to leverage quantum computing.

This hybrid model will allow Rolls-Royce to take advantage of novel quantum advances from this partnership, while continuing to rely on classical computing backbone. “The potential of quantum computers to drastically reduce simulation run-times cannot be ignored, and the work we’re doing today ensures we will have the capabilities to benefit from Quantum Advantage when it arrives,” says Leigh Lapworth, Rolls-Royce Fellow and Quantum Computing Lead.

Classiq is a Quantum Computing start-up that provides a Quantum Algorithm Design software platform for the automated synthesis of quantum circuits. Classiq picked-up additional extended Series B funding recently.

November 2022