About Us

What do we do?

At GooglyTech, we are fascinated by the Future of Technology marketplaces.

Quantum Computing represents a paradigm shift in the computing space with tremendous potential.

GooglyTech provides succint and clear News and Coverage on the Quantum Computing industry.

What we commit to?

We will strive to keep our writing crisp.
So that you can read industry information easily.
Because we know your time is valuable.


Coming from a background that includes Market Analysis, Product and Go-to-Market roles in the classical compute space – massively parallel systems, large enterprise servers – it is hard to not get excited about Quantum Computing.

Additionally, we have been in the forefront when new markets were getting formed. We recognize these signs and building blocks and the fits and starts of the new emerging market in Quantum Computing space. It is a great time to be part of the evolving Quantum space!

We are excited to write about –

  • Grit and perseverance of Entrepreneurs and Quantum startups.
  • Quantum applications.
  • Customer wins in Quantum Use-cases.
  • VC and Public funding and investments in Quantum Industry.
  • Maturation of Quantum technology.
  • Critical contribution of research from Universities and Academia.
  • Bridging the Needs gap and helping scale Talent for Quantum companies

We are interesting in hear from you. Do you have a story that needs to be heard? Let’s talk!

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Looking forward to traveling on this journey together!