TCS Partners with AWS on Quantum Computing

One of TCS Offices. Credit – Company FB page Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a multinational giant out of India is teaming up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer a virtual quantum computing research and development environment (TCS Quantum Computing Lab) utilizing Amazon Braket. This was announced at the AWS re:Invent conference this week. Amazon […]

Q-CTRL and Classiq Roll out Integrated Platform for Optimizing Quantum Algorithm Development

Quantum Optimization landscape. Credit – Q-CTRL Q-CTRL is partnering with Classiq to offer a full integrated platform for designing and optimizing quantum algorithms. Classiq’s platform allows users to create algorithms and automate the process of converting high-level functional models into optimized quantum circuits.  In other words, the platform allows adaptability to hardware and system constraints […]

Eni and PASQAL Partner on Quantum Solutions for the Energy Sector

Eni, the multinational energy company out of Italy is partnering with PASQAL, France-based quantum computing company to develop HPC solutions for the energy sector using quantum computing. PASQAL, co-founded by 2022 Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Alain Aspect (see our previous story here) raised €25M in Series A funding last year. Investors included Eni, through its […]

Q&A with Prof. Sabrina Maniscalo, CEO and Co-Founder, Algorithmiq

Dr. Sabrina Maniscalo, CEO and Co-Founder, Algorithmiq We wrote earlier about Algorithmiq and its partnership with IBM. Algorithmiq’s ambition is to use quantum computing to bring efficiencies to drug discovery and carve out a break out market space around Quantum Biotech. This week, Algorithmiq also launched its quantum computing based drug discovery platform Aurora. Please […]

Algorithmiq Joins IBM Quantum Network. Also Launches Aurora (Drug-Discovery Platform)

As part of the announcements last week at the IBM Quantum Summit 2022, Algorithmiq, a Helsinki-based quantum computing startup, has joined IBM Quantum Network. Algorithmiq’s goal is to bring efficiencies to drug discovery and development process using quantum computing. (Fascinating Q&A with Dr. Sabrina Maniscalco, CEO and co-founder of Algorithmiq – Read here) In its […]

Bosch Using Quantum Computing in Materials Science Innovations – Partners with IBM

Bosch joins IBM Quantum Network. Photo of one of IBM’s Quantum Computer. Credit: Bosch Media/Press Bosch is the one of the latest companies to join IBM’s Quantum Network. This announcement at the IBM Quantum Summit last week underscores the ground work large corporations are laying down to experiment, familiarize itself with quantum computing technology so […]

Crédit Mutuel Partners with IBM – Upskilling Employees in Quantum Computing

Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale office, France. Source: Crédit Mutuel press media A large part of initial adoption strategy for Quantum Computing lies in providing an environment for employees to learn and experiment using quantum systems. Both vendors and large customers have embraced this seeding process. Some recent stories that highlight the investments in quantum computing […]

Vodafone Joins IBM Quantum Network – Will Partner on Telco Use-Cases

At the IBM Quantum Summit 2022, Vodafone and IBM announced two initiatives – Vodafone will join IBM Quantum Network and explore quantum use-cases in the telecommunication space. This initiative will also help Vodaphone’s employee upskill and learn quantum technology through iterative prototyping led by IBM. In addition, Vodaphone plans to build competency by actively recruiting […]

Quandela and EDF Partner – Quantum Use-case – Simulating Hydroelectric Dam Structures

Quandela, a photonic quantum computing start-up is partnering with EDF, a large integrated energy management company in Europe to run simulations of hydroelectric dam deformations. The goal is to improve performance and accuracy of simulations and reduce energy consumption and in the long run, use photonic calculation in Machine Learning to address consumption forecasting models. […]