Photo of Volkswagen automotive to illustrate Volkswagen partnering with Xanadu to utilize Quantum Computing in creating more efficient automotive products

Volkswagen and Xanadu are partnering to use quantum computing expertise to simulate battery material and develop next-generation solutions that are safer and more cost-effective.

Volkswagen’s investment in Quantum Computing technology partnership to drive battery advantages not only underscores the competitive automotive landscape, but also the computational promise inherent in quantum technology to derive exponential returns.

“Working together with cutting-edge companies like Xanadu is like hopping on a speed boat heading at the next big thing: Quantum Computing might trigger a revolution in material science and optimization, key competences to grow our inhouse battery expertise,” says Dr. Nikolai Ardey, Head of Volkswagen Group Innovation.

Current approaches using computational chemistry methods to create efficient simulation of battery materials have limitations. Xanadu’s expertise in quantum computing hardware, software, and algorithms is being is being leveraged to “to aid in understanding the complex chemistry inside a battery cell,” explains Juan Miguel Arrazola, Head of Algorithms at Xanadu, that will lead to building more efficient batteries.

November 2022