Quandela, a photonic quantum computing start-up is partnering with EDF, a large integrated energy management company in Europe to run simulations of hydroelectric dam deformations. The goal is to improve performance and accuracy of simulations and reduce energy consumption and in the long run, use photonic calculation in Machine Learning to address consumption forecasting models.

Quandela founded in 2017 by Valérian Giesz, Niccolo Somaschi, Prof. Pascale Senellart, has raised over €15M from the investment fund Omnes, Fonds Innovation Défense and the quantum technology fund Quantonation. With a 40-person+ R&D team, Quandela has brought to market Prometheus, a high-quality generator of optical qubits based on single photons; Perceval, photonic computer programming and simulation software among other solutions.

EDF, with a revenue of €84.5 Billion in 2021 and 38.5 million customers has been utilizing quantum computing over the last four years to bring computing performance improvements to energy management.

November 2022