Q&A with Prof. Sabrina Maniscalo, CEO and Co-Founder, Algorithmiq

Dr. Sabrina Maniscalo, CEO and Co-Founder, Algorithmiq We wrote earlier about Algorithmiq and its partnership with IBM. Algorithmiq’s ambition is to use quantum computing to bring efficiencies to drug discovery and carve out a break out market space around Quantum Biotech. This week, Algorithmiq also launched its quantum computing based drug discovery platform Aurora. Please […]

Bosch Using Quantum Computing in Materials Science Innovations – Partners with IBM

Bosch joins IBM Quantum Network. Photo of one of IBM’s Quantum Computer. Credit: Bosch Media/Press Bosch is the one of the latest companies to join IBM’s Quantum Network. This announcement at the IBM Quantum Summit last week underscores the ground work large corporations are laying down to experiment, familiarize itself with quantum computing technology so […]

Microsoft Announces Free Azure Quantum Resource Estimator

Microsoft has made public an internal tool that it has used to qualify resource requirement for algorithms running in a quantum environment at scale. Called Microsoft Azure Quantum, this app will answer questions such as – “What hardware resources are required? How many physical and logical qubits are needed and what type? What’s the runtime?” […]

IBM Quantum Summit 2022 – Reveals 433 Qubit Quantum Processor

In its annual summit, where it showcases its advances in quantum computing, IBM today announced a 433 qubit processor (‘Osprey’). This is a more than a three-fold jump from the previously rolled-out 127 qubit Eagle processor in 2021. IBM continues to be committed to its stated goal of 4,000+ qubits by 2025. Darío Gil, Senior […]

QuEra to Offer Quantum Computing Through Amazon Bracket

QuEra is offering its quantum computer, Aquila, through Amazon Braket. While there are five other quantum computers on Braket (Rigetti Computing, IonQ, D-Wave, Xanadu Quantum Technologies and Oxford Quantum Circuits), what makes Aquila unique is that it is the first neural-atom machine on Amazon Braket. Initially Aquila will be a 256 qubit machine and the […]

Rigetti – Bullish Notes From 1st Investor Day

Rigetti held its first Investor Day on September 16, 2022 in San Francisco, Bay Area. Rigetti announced an expansion of its Fab-1 facility. Build-out will include an additional 5,000 square feet – nearly doubling its original capacity. Here are some interesting product-related announcements from the event that heralds upcoming innovation and market synergies – Product Roadmap – Releases in 2023 will include […]