Microsoft has made public an internal tool that it has used to qualify resource requirement for algorithms running in a quantum environment at scale. Called Microsoft Azure Quantum, this app will answer questions such as – “What hardware resources are required? How many physical and logical qubits are needed and what type? What’s the runtime?” In other words, “it breaks down the resources required for a quantum algorithm, including the total number of physical qubits, the computational resources required including wall clock time, and the details of the formulas and values used for each estimate,” says Fabrice Frachon, Principal PM Manager, Azure Quantum.

From a user’s perspective, adds Michał Stęchły, Tech Lead at Quantum Software Team, Zapata Computing – “Resource estimation is an increasingly important task for development of quantum computing technology. The integration process (with this tool) was simple, and the results give both a high-level overview helpful for people new to error correction, as well as a detailed breakdown for experts.”

Free $500 Credit to Play Around with Azure

As we had mentioned earlier in Rigetti‘s context, Microsoft Azure offers free credits to try out quantum. More on how to register and access here.

How to Get Started with Azure Quantum Resource Estimator – click here

November 2022