Rigetti held its first Investor Day on September 16, 2022 in San Francisco, Bay Area. Rigetti announced an expansion of its Fab-1 facility. Build-out will include an additional 5,000 square feet – nearly doubling its original capacity. Here are some interesting product-related announcements from the event that heralds upcoming innovation and market synergies –

Product RoadmapReleases in 2023 will include –

  • 84-qubit Ankaa system 
  • 336-qubit Lyra system (late 2023). 
  • Lyra system is expected to have scale and performance advantages by combining Rigetti’s existing multi-chip scaling technology with the fourth-generation architecture.


  • NVIDIA – Partnering with AI Chip giant NVIDIA to build climate modeling applications based on Rigetti’s previous weather modeling application research. “Addressing the challenges of an evolving climate is one of society’s most important tasks, and improving our ability to model the climate is essential to making data-driven decisions,” said Tim Costa, Director of HPC and Quantum Product at NVIDIA.
  • BLUEFORS – Will develop next-generation cryogenic platforms with Bluefors. Expected to be used for Rigetti’s anticipated 336-qubit, 1,000+ qubit, and 4,000+ qubit solutions.
  • KEYSIGHT – Partnering wth Keysight to help reduce quantum compute errors. Keysight will be the first 3rd-party software tool that will be part of Rigetti’s Quantum Cloud Services platform. “We have worked together to streamline access for Rigetti customers to Keysight’s advanced quantum compiler technologies, “said Joseph Emerson, Director of Advanced Research, QES at Keysight Technologies.
  • MICROSOFT AZUREIntegration into Microsoft’s Azure Quantum platform. “With access to our processors through Microsoft’s public cloud, we’re enabling end users to advance their quantum computing journey with the goal of solving their most challenging problems,” says Eric Ostby, VP, Product at Rigetti. Adding to this, Krysta SvoreMicrosoft’s Distinguished Engineer and Vice President of Quantum Software comments on the value for developers – “Aspen’s multi-chip technology gives them the ability to test the scaling of their algorithms on real hardware.”

Special benefits for Developers working on Azure platform – “Rigetti is participating in the Azure Quantum Credit program, which provides first-time Azure Quantum users with $500 of credit to explore and experiment with Rigetti’s QPUs. The program is available to current and new Azure Quantum users, and the credits can be used to access any Rigetti QPU available on the platform. Users will also be able to select Rigetti QPUs as a quantum hardware option for the $10,000 Azure Quantum grant application.”

September 2022