‘Pearl’ and ‘Snow’ – Finland Enables Quantum Computer and Supercomputer Fusion

Finland has rolled-out an unique infrastructure by connecting a general-purpose quantum computer to a supercomputer offering researchers and users opportunities to use this hybrid service. Pearl and Snow – HELMI AND LUMI The quantum computer, a 5-qubit machine called HELMI (‘Pearl’ in Finnish) is from VTT, Finnish state sponsored R&D outfit.  HELMI is also Finland’s […]

Post-Quantum Cryptography from Cloudflare – Here Now!

Last week, Cloudflare was the first Content Delivery Network (CDN) to announce its this post-quantum cryptography solution for all its customers free of charge. What does this mean? Somewhere in the next many years, “a sufficiently powerful quantum computer is expected to be built that will be able to decrypt essentially any encrypted data on the Internet […]

Quantum Computing Use-Case: Optimizing Flight Path Trajectories

In another example of Industry Public collaboration effort, Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPC) announced a partnership with Quantum Computing Inc. (QCI) (NASDAQ: QUBT). The focus would be to determine optimal flight trajectories for unmanned aerial vehicles leveraging QCI’s Path to Quantum consulting, Qatalyst™ software, and Quantum Photonic Systems hardware. “Our partnership with Virginia-based company QCI is designed to […]

Quantum Music – Taking One To A Different Realm

Music compositions using quantum computers. Photo by Andy Miah, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons. Professor Eduardo Reck Miranda is a faculty at the University of Plymouth with research interests in Computer Music, AI, Quantum Computing among other areas. He has composed music using Quantum Computing. Please listen to Ludovico Quanthoven as you are perusing our […]