Last week, Cloudflare was the first Content Delivery Network (CDN) to announce its this post-quantum cryptography solution for all its customers free of charge.

What does this mean?

Somewhere in the next many years, “a sufficiently powerful quantum computer is expected to be built that will be able to decrypt essentially any encrypted data on the Internet today, “ write Cloudflare Research Engineers, Bas Westerbaan and Cefan Daniel Rubin in their blog. Based on this scenario, Cloudflare is pre-emptively providing its post-quantum cryptography solution to its customers.

In July 2022, after a six-year worldwide competition, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), announced Kyber as post-quantum cryptography they will standardize on. Cloudflare has rolled-out its post-quantum cryptography solution based of the NIST standards.

There are several start-ups already queueing-up in the post-quantum cryptography space including PQShieldSandboxAQIsara.

November 2022