• Toshiba researchers have devised a double-transmon coupler, the world’s first tunable coupler that can both completely turn off coupling and operate the two qubit gates at high speed for two fixed-frequency transmon qubits with significantly different frequencies.

  • Toppan presented 2 papers at the IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE) –
    • “The first paper on optical quantum computing delves into a new method of computation that is expected to lead to the application of quantum error correction technologies, contributing to the realization of high-speed optical quantum computers in the future.” This was developed in collaboration with BlueQat.
    • The second paper deals with a method for evaluating quantum machine learning and conventional classical machine learning. It is expected that using a new method of evaluating learning-model building processes will make learning trends visible and enable the application of machine learning for practical challenges, such as enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of inspection processes at factories.
    • For those who might remember, Toppan announced a partnership with Sigma Eye in 2021. The two companies are piloting a solution to use quantum annealing to increase efficiency for logistics (vehicle assignment and delivery planning, increase speed and accuracy, shorten delivery times).

September 2022