Acceleration of Quantum Computing use will require adopting mainstream practices around technology purchase and usage. In a previous article, we wrote about the rolling out of first commercial quantum computers in colocation datacenter – an effort to make it easy for customers to use and adopt quantum computing.

This week, D-Wave announced the launch of 4 offerings in the AWS Marketplace in another example of adopting mainstream practice to sell and utilize quantum computing. “By launching in AWS Marketplace, we’re introducing our quantum computing service to AWS customers, enabling them to quickly and easily start deriving business value from quantum computing, today,” says Mark Snedeker, senior vice president of growth at D-Wave.

Specific details of the four offerings are below –

  • Leap Quantum Cloud Service: The Leap quantum cloud service provides real-time access to D-Wave’s state-of-the-art quantum computers and a quantum-classical hybrid solver service that can handle problems with up to one million variables and 100,000 constraints. Amazon Braket customers will be directed to the AWS Marketplace to access the D-Wave system.
  • Quantum Proof of Concept: In a Quantum Proof of Concept, D-Wave helps customers validate a selected quantum use case through detailed problem discovery, problem definition, development of an initial prototype solution, and testing with representative application data.
  • Quantum Feature Selection for Machine Learning: With increasing data sets comes increasing complexity, especially when it comes to feature selection, a fundamental building block of machine learning. This program focuses on utilizing quantum hybrid approaches to optimize feature selection in model training and prediction.
  • Quantum Consulting Services: To help customers get started with quantum or implement a quantum solution, D-Wave’s Launch™ service combines technical enablement, products and services. Utilizing powerful quantum hybrid solutions and professional service consulting, the Launch service helps customers solve complex problems and deliver real business value.

November 2022